Thursday, July 25, 2019

#CincinnatiHipHop Nerdcore | Juice Lee - The Epic of John Fong 2: Kumite on Dim Mak Island (2019)

From The Juice Lee Bandcamp:

"John Fong, 7 years ago you did the impossible. You stopped the infamous Tom Chang and his mysterious green dragon gang. You recovered critical information that would have destroyed the yang financial empire and saved your family in the process. The CIA needs your skills now more than ever. It's come to our attention there is a secret martial arts tournament being held on Dim Mak Island off the coast of Hong Kong. We've sent our best agents to infiltrate the tournament they've either come up dead or missing. You're our last hope in finding out who's behind this secret tournament.Your mission: Find out what happened to our agents and if possible stop whoever is behind this Kumite We believe in you Fong, and more importantly we believe in your Kung-Fu

Dark chi is brewing in the south china Sea. And Master Pan Lei has been killed by evil mystic Ninjas. John Fong has been drawn to the tournament on the mystical Dim Mak Island for one thing REVENGE. Will fong be able to survive the deadly Kumite and the defeat of the Mysterious Mr Shen or will he become another Sacrifice for Isle of Dim Mak?

FIND OUT IN THE EPIC OF JOHN FONG 2: Kumite on Dim Mak Island."

released July 24, 2019

From the man behind the man behind the rapping man: 

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