Friday, November 15, 2019

Canton, Ohio Hip Hop | Jéan P The MC - Joke's On You (2019)

#OhioHioHop #CantonHipHop 

Finally getting around to giving Jèan P The MC's new album a proper listen. Isht is dope!

We are working on a couple 330/513 show swaps in 2020. Looking forward to exploring more of the Ohio hip hop world!

Stream Joke's on You below:

Monday, November 4, 2019

WhatUpWally's 2019 Cincinnati Hip Hop AOTY Nominees

Khari - Sinsinnati
J. Sands - The Black Revolution
AC The Entity & MC Till - Power of the Mind
Juice Lee - The Epic of John Fung 2: Kumite on Dim-Mak Island
Cas Metah - Guest Room 2
Donwill - One Word No Space
Grimez - Tip of the Spear
Theory Hazit & Krum - Here’s Mud in Your Eye
pERez - E U P H O R I A
*YoN L.i. - A Mic and a Drink Pt. 2: The Intoxication

F.A.M.E. & YoN L.i. - Thursdays
K. Savage - Ight Bet
Papa Gora - It’s Gonna Cost You
Ronin Halloway - Pressure
J. Rawls & John Robinson - Youth Culture Power
Doctor Bionic - Electro-Magnetic
Big18Foot - Hogwash
Chris Crooks - The Growth EP
Oski Isaiah - Fuck a Job
DJ Wavy Moe - From the Uptown With Love, Vol. 1
Grand Ace - Also Codachrome
Homage CVG - Unfortunately
F.A.M.E. & Phonz - That Pressure 2
Boogie Bang & e.kwality (Redeyeblue) - Poetic Injustice
Juan Cosby - Immortal Jellyfish
Peso Gordon - Peso Fuego
Theory Hazit - I Love It Down Here
Jasiah - Jasiah I Am
P the Emcee - SumWordz
Kenfolklore (Gifted9 x Stallitix) - Of the People
Everybody's Hip Hop Label - Respect, the Album
Sudan Archives - Athena