Friday, July 3, 2020

Pandemic Out Now!

WhatUpWally? is one of Cincinnati hip hop's most dynamic figures. It's not about the clout, it's not about fame, it is about the respect and execution of hip hop. Despite years of experience deejaying and freestyling in top form, we've never gotten a project from the Cincinnati standout.

Enter Pandemic.

Pandemic immediately stands out as WhatUpWally's debut LP. While WhatUpWally? has a role on every track, Wally gives up the spotlight to put Cincinnati music on.

With production by MC Till, Spirit, YoN L.i., Doc Remedy, Mr. Watt, John E. Wndr, and Nick Burke the diversity is heard from the minute you press play.

In an era where egos are always at play WhatUpWally? brings veteran artists and up and coming stars alike to showcase what Cincinnati brings not just to the state of Ohio but the greater landscape of hip hop.

Guest features from Wonder Brown, Franky Free, B. Shields, AC the Entity, Juice Lee, Jay Wiz, Khari, and Kelby Savage barely scratch the surface of the numerous voices and sounds that are pulled from the Nati.

- Big Thanks to Michael Stover for the album write up!

** Big ups to the elite sound guru Kyle Cadena for the dope dope dope mixing and mastering!

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