WhatUpWally? x Wolfmane
"WhatUpWolfmane? Freestyle
Beat: MC Till
Cuts: DJ NoahIMean?

WhatUpWally? x Franky Freestyles
"Way Back When"
Prod. Nick Burke

Vibe-One, WhatUpWally?, & Spirit
"Muhammad Wally"
Prod. MC Till

Debut Single
WhatUpWally? - "Muhammad Wally"
Prod. Spirit

Cincinnati Hip Hop Family Reunion Cypher

at the Top Cats Grand Opening September 21, 2018
WhatUpWally? - beat box & freestyle
Juice Lee - freestyle
Ill Poetic - freestyle
The Animal Crackers on the 1s, 2s,3s,4s,5s,6s,7s, and 8s


WhatUpWally? X Kelby Savage Freestyle Cypher 

Smokeface on the beat
(Live at Off Tha Block in Cincinnati 5-1-18)

Live Freestyle Cypher Jam Session 

at Off Tha Block in Cincinnati
March 2018
WhatUpWally? - Beatbox
Frank McQueen - Violin
Stallitix - Djembe
DJ NoahIMean - Turntables

WhatUpWally? X Franky Freestyles
Freestyle Cypher

Live at Off Tha Block in Cincinnati 
Franky McQueen 
aka Franky Freestyles aka Franky Strings 

Ajoke on the MPC

Turntablists: NoahIMean of The Animal Crackers John Blaze of Freshlist Live in Cincinnati at The Mockbee 4-1-19

No Cool Kids Allowed Cypher

Live at Revel Urban Winery in Cincinnati, Ohio

Cello: Toph of Patterns of Chaos
Beat: Stallitix of Patterns of Chaos

Devin Burgess, 
Jaybee Lamahj, 
& Jay Hill of Patterns of Chaos

#MRCRapClass Freestyle Cypher

at Music Resource Center - Cincinnati July 2, 2019
HBK da Youngin
Mr. 513

I had to battle the whole rap class of young hot fire spittas to earn my rap coach respek! These young emcees are going to be a problem!

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